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Other pages about computer things

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A collection of various IT stuff - nothing you should take seriously.

Let’s see how this site develops over time. Will I find the time and desire to add new content? There is less and less time for it, but I am confident that everything will be fine as long as I get pleasure from it.

WIM-Backup (2022/2023)

On these documentation pages you will find information about the “WIM-Backup” project, a user-friendly application for backing up and restoring operating systems (hard disks) on Windows-based computers.

Cleanup Hard Drive (2022)

On these documentation pages you will find information about the project “Cleanup MDT WinPE”, a UI-based application for erasing the primary hard disk as part of a Lite Touch installation within the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (external)) environment.

UWF Dashboard (2020/2021)

On these documentation pages you will find the technical notes for my current leisure & learning project “UWF Dashboard”. This is the creation of a graphical user interface (GUI) for the use of the ® Microsoft Windows Feature Unified Write Filter.

Swift Playgrounds - Education for children (2021)

Here is the documentation for a new learning project (more of an experiment) where I am trying to teach my seven year old daughter, who has no programming skills, the Swift programming language using Swift Playgrounds.


Under Gists you can find my small collection of Gists. If I find more time, I will expand it.