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The following diagram presents a simplified overview of the relationships and interrelationships in the UWF Dashboard environment.



Okay, step by step…

In single, describable steps, the deployment of UWF Dashboard could look like this:

1. Install UWF Dashboard on your management computer or on any client
   on which the UW Filter is to be used and managed locally - not remotely only.
2. Run UWF Dashboard for the first time (with admin rights) to establish
   a first connection to a remote client.

   * This should fail because no WinRM has been set up on the remote computer.
   * It should also fail because no UW Filter has been installed
     (and configured) on the remote client.
3. First, set up the ability to use WinRM on the remote computer,
   e. g. by running the following command "winrm qc" or by performing
   the entire configuration via group policies.

   * Of course, you do not need to perform this step if you do not want
     to access the UWF from remote computers.
4. Then install and configure the UW filter on the (remote) computer.
   This can be done, for example, after manually installing the UWF functionality 
   and using the Windows tool "uwfmgr.exe" (for configuration only) or via the
5. Lastly, run UWF Dashboard again and check if the filter status
   of a local or remote computer can be determined. This should work.

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