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Graphical User Interface

The currently small heart of “UWF Dashboard” is its functionality, the ability to manage the filter, and the opportunity to get information about it.

However, we could also do all this via the command line (cmd, e. g. uwfmgr.exe) - but this is not about the cmd.

Instead, a graphical user interface (gui) should make this task a little easier, especially when it comes to providing easy access to a remote computer’s filter.

Here is a foretaste of what the GUI looks like. The aim is also to keep it clear.


Image: UWF Dashboard Dev-Build

UI Languages

The UI and most of the dialogues are currently available in two languages: English and German. The language is selected automatically based on the language used by the operating system. English is used as a fallback language. A manual change of the UI language is currently not possible and also not planned.


UWF Dashboard is deployed via the associated setup package, which can be run unattended (silently). For more information, please refer to the chapter “Setup”.

UI screen size

The GUI has a static screen size of 1000x825 pixels (width x height). This could be, if it seems unlikely nowadays, a limiting factor for Computers with small screen resolutions.


There is no such thing as a user manual. The application is clearly laid out and has only a small range of functions.

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