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The use of UWF and the UWF Dashboard is subject to certain conditions.

Windows 10 editions

UWF and consequently the UWF Dashboard require one of these Windows 10 editions:

Windows 10 Enterprise (including LTSB/LTSC), Windows 10 IoT Core,
Windows 10 IoT Enterprise or Windows 10 Education.

Windows 10 Pro

The use of UWF on a Windows 10 Pro is currently not possible.
Although UWF can be installed as a Windows feature, it can' t be configured and used.

Windows Server

The UWF Dashboard can also be used on a Windows Server, e.g.:

Windows Server 2016

Admin rights

To configure UWF, but also to activate or deactivate an already configured filter, you need elevated rights, on both systems, the admin machine and the (remote) computer.

Running UWF Dashboard without admin rights is possible, but leads to the fact that, for example, the filter information cannot be determined and the filter can neither be activated nor deactivated. This is because access to the filter functions requires admin rights on the system side.


Local access

For local access - i.e. enabling/disabling the filter - on the computer running the UWF Dashboard, nothing needs to be configured except for the filter itself.

Remote access

For remote access via UWF Dashboard, the target system must be properly configured to use WinRM (Windows Remote Management). How to set up WinRM on the target system can be found in this chapter.

Screen resolution:

UWF Dashboard requires a screen resolution of at least 1000x825 pixels (width x height).

Microsoft .NET Framework

UWF Dashboard has been developed using Microsoft’s .Net Framework 4.7.2. It is required that the target computer has this or a higher, compatible version of the .NET Framework.

The installation application does not contain the corresponding .Net framework (offline installation option).

However, when running the application, the user is informed that the framework is required and can download and install it if an internet connection is available.

An offline installer for the .NET Framework can be downloaded directly from Microsoft: click here (external)

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